“Every moment is a fresh beginning” – T.S. Elliot

The idea for Whistlebox came out of the creators own personal journey with road rage, anger and stress management. He developed the initial prototype for the App to help in his own recovery. Then, having seen personal success, he wanted to help others.

The heart behind Whistlebox is to help users become a better version of themselves – for their own development but also for the benefit of their family, friends and the greater community at large.

Why Whistlebox?

As we grow up we create response pathways in our brain, they become well trodden paths we go to when we feel a certain way. This is why we can find ourselves in different kinds of stressful or anxious situations and almost “automatically” respond in the same negative, or destructive ways without intending to.

However, because our brains are amazing things, with time and practice we can re-calibrate our mind to respond in a better, more positive way. This is where Whistlebox comes in. With repeated use Whistlebox helps its users to re-train their brain and to break old habits.

With Whistlebox anti-social behaviour can be avoided if stress is managed on a personal level, helping to ensure others feel safe around it’s users. Whistlebox can also be used as a tool to gauge whether a user is fit to perform their daily tasks e.g. driving, employment, at home, social gatherings, etc.

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