Wearable Devices

Fitbit Charge 2 device is series 2 or higher and should automatically update when paired with your iPhone. Apple Watch should always have the latest updates.

How To Update Fitbit

If your device is an Apple Watch, skip this step and proceed to Step 2: "How To Update Your Apple Watch"

  1. 1. First download the Official Mi Fitness Pal, which is compatiable with your "Fitbit Charger 2"
  2. 2. Open the app
  3. 3. Pair your Fitbit with the app
  4. 4. Your Fitbit should update itself automatically
  5. 5. Ensure your Fitbit is not connected to any other devices
  6. 6. The Fitbit should connect easy
  7. 7. Skip the following steps & go to Step 6 "HOW TO USE WHISTLEBOX"