Whistlebox help users be the best version of themselves, stripping away bits of their bad selves each time they use it. It maintains quality of life by helping users take control of their emotions. The 24/7 app starts from home. It's a tool that recognises anger and reminds the user their obligation to loved ones and public safety. It re-calibrates the user's mind to break old habits. Whistlebox will ensure people feel safe around managed stress and gauge whether users are fit to perform their daily tasks like e.g. driving, employment, at home, social gatherings, etc. A system that is a yardstick, serving it's purpose by changing lives. Anti-social behaviour can be avoided if stress is managed on a personal level.

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Meet Our Team

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Ace Lio

UX Research & Design

Based in Auckland, New Zealand. Ace is a UX Developer with a bachelor degree in media design. He is currently studying a post-graduate diploma of I.T in software at Auckland Institute of Studies, pursuing a Masters degree.

Ron Vink

Co-Partner & Finance

Has a long and extensive history in property investing. Since 1984 he has negotiated up to $50 million worth of property transactions. Ron’s career in property started in 1978 as a Valuer’s Cadet for The Valuation Department.

Kapil Kumar

Senior IOS Developer

Kapil is passionate about app development and brings wealth of industry experience with ios & android software. He has Launched over 100 projects to date.


The Inventor - Ace Lio

'Whistlebox' started as a personal project of mine. Finding a solution to calm me down from behind the wheel whenever my son wasn't with me, so instead I was pinching myself. It was a constant struggle for years, close encounters and near misses of hurting others as well as myself. I believe without the struggle, this wouldn't be the story that got out and sparked alot've attention as a result, it’s provoked a lot of talk. I've teamed up with a good man. A person who believes in me to make it all happen. So together we've started a charity that can use the money to give back to the community to help change lives.

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REMINDED: Of loved ones & public safety

MONITOR: Stress & mental health

NOTIFY: Family members